n a t u r

Original Productions


The Jive EP - Earthtones Recordings (now Seasons), USA

   A1.    Original Jive

   A2.    Earthtone 001

   B1.    Eclectic Dub

   B2.    Dub Drums


Fall/Instant Salsa EP - Dufflebag Recordings, USA

   A.         Fall

   B.         Instant Salsa


Contrast In Nature Part 1 of 2 - Earthtones Recordings, USA

   A1.    For Real

   A2.    Enchantment        

   A3.    Ocean Voyage

   B1.    Smoldering Island

   B2.    Mantra


Contrast In Nature Part 2 of 2 - Earthtones Recordings, USA

   A1.    Do Right

   A2.    Energized

   B1.    Spoken Word

   B2.    For Real Dub        

   B3.    Storm Bells


Center Street EP - Fast Forward (FFWD), France

   A1.    Give Your Love

   B1.    Lights Flashin’

   B2.    In Key


Something Big EP - Under The Counter, UK

   A.         Something Big

   B.         Trials Of Life


The Polyphonic EP - Earthtones Recordings, USA

   A1.    Fundamental

   A2.    Growth

   B1.    Zen

   B2.    Theory


The Jive Remixes (Swag/Attaboy) - Seasons Recordings, USA

   A1.    Attaboy Remix

   A2.    Natural Rhythm Remix

   B1.    Swag Remix

   B2.    Back to the Bird


Orange Marmalade EP - Large Music, USA

   A1.    Soul On Fire

   A2.    Wonderin’

   B1.    The Moment

   B2.    Unity Of The Mind


Dimensions LP (2-disc set)/CD  - Under The Counter, UK *LP tracklist shown

   A1.    4U

   A2.    It’s Alright

   B1.    Miss Me

   B2.    Latin Ave

   C1.    Grease

   C2.    Celebrate

   D1.    Dream On

   D2.    June Buggin’


Pulse Nine - Serious Sounds, USA

   A.      Original Dub

   B.      Sleazey Motel Mix


Last Call at the Martini Ranch EP - Vista Recordings, USA

   A.      Chicago Nights

   B1.    Life Is…

   B2.    Nubionics


Sounds From The Garage Vol. One (2-disc set)- Dufflebag Recordings, USA

   A.      Prayer

   B1.    Back In It

   B2.    Over And Over

   C.      Repetition

   D1.    DeVille

   D2.    Like We Used To


4U Remixes Part 1 by Joshua - Under The Counter, UK

   A.      Original

   B.      Joshua’s Afro Dub


4U Remixes Part 2 by Joshua - Under The Counter, UK

   A.      Joshua’s Afro House

   B1.    Joshua’s Afro Beats

   B2.    Joshua’s House Beats Mixed


The Coaster Fanatics EP - Safe In Sound Music, USA

   A1.    Find Your Way

   A2.    Feels Good

   B1.    Find Your Way (DJ Jonene Mix)

   B2.    Think Mode Redux


The Jammin’ EP - Lowdown Music, USA

   A.      Jammin’

   B1.    Loops Track

   B2.    Are You There?


Set Me Free EP - Life Music, USA    

   A1.    The Spirit

   A2.    Set Me Free

   B1.    Freaky Antigua

   B2.    Be Your Baby


Freakinought EP - Doubledown Recordings, USA

   A.      Freakinought

   B1.    Find Your Replay

   B2.    Find Your Replay (Dub)


We All Got Soul EP - Vista Recordings, USA

   A.      We All Got Soul

   B1.    Why Must I Feel This Way? featuring Sandra Lima

   B2.    Havin' Fun


Your World EP - Dufflebag Recordings, USA

   A1.    Your World

   A2.    Raw 13th Grade (supposed to be named "Jazz High")

   B1.    Droppin' Drums

   B2.    Rare


Simple Needs EP - Blockhead Recordings, USA

   A1.    Freak FM

   A2.    Simple Needs

   B1.    Time For A Party

   B2.    Lovely Day featuring Sandra Lima


Scrambled Heads Vol. 1 - Odds & Ends Music, USA

   A.      Autobiographical

   B.      A Different Drummer


Be Loved EP - Nightshift Recordings, USA

   A1.    Musique Au Naturel featuring Ricardo Torres

   A2.    No Na Ye

   B1.    Sweet Dubbin' featuring Sandra Lima

   B2.    Too Late For Love


Looking For Trouble EP - Amenti Music, USA

   A.      Uh Oh

   B.      Fling


Area DJ Smart Bar Promo - 7" only distributed in Chicago

   A.      BBQ Jazz

   B.      Space Needle


Freak FM (Remixes) - Blockhead Recordings, USA 

   A1.    Broken Home Remix

   A2.    Spettro & Thomas Sahs Remix

   B1.    Littlemen Remix

   B2.    Kevin Sunray Remix


Scrambled Heads Vol. 2 - Odds & Ends Music, USA

   A.      Jazz Zounds

   B.      Get Up On That Floor featuring Sandra Lima


Robot Training Camp EP - Dotbleep Recordings, UK

   A1.    Groove Thing featuring Royden Vigilance

   A2.    Downtime featuring Patrick Bailey on Bass

   B1.    Digifunk Era

   B2.    BBQ Jazz (Rise of the Robots Remix)


Dancefloor Jazz EP - Lowdown Records, USA

   A.      Trap Groove presents "Dancefloor Jazz"*

   B1.    Own Thing

   B2.    What's Goin' On?

   (*Trap Groove is a T. White/R.Vigilance/P.Bailey Collaboration)


Bumpin Downtown/It Would Be EP - Blockhead Recordings, USA

   A.      Bumpin' Downtown

   B.      It Would Be


Too Young To Die EP - Dotbleep Recordings, UK

   A1.    Chicago Tower (Chi-town Traction Dub)

   A2.    Beat The Cheat

   B.    Chicago Tower (Vocal Original)


You Don't Have To/Give It To You EP - Amenti Records, USA

   A.      You Don't Have To

   B.      Give It To You


Mumble Mouth EP - Dotbleep Recordings, UK

   A1.    Go Chica Go

   A2.    Subway System

   B.     Mumble Mouth


Mumble Mouth - Style of Eye Remixes - Dotbleep Recordings, UK

   A1.    Mumblemouth (Style Of Eye Lets Talk Remix)

   B1.    Mumblemouth (Style Of Eye Less Talk Remix)


The Over Nighter EP - Guesthouse Music, USA

   A1.    Saturdays

   A2.    Wrap It Up

   B1.    So Bad feat. Sandra Lima

   B2.    Vinyl Roots (Satino Mix)


   Look for the "Latino Mix" of Vinyl Roots to be released digitally in 2013


Saturdays Remixes - Guesthouse Music Digital

   1.     Saturdays (1200 Warriors Remix)

   2.     Saturdays (RTHM - Real Time Hand Motion Remix)


The Business Attire EP - Guesthouse Music Digital

   1.     Why Can't We

   2.     Why Can't We Together (Digital Exclusive Version)

   3.     Feelin' Alright

   4.     Something That I Need

   5.     Stubborn Mule





Jason Blakemore and Wally Callerio

"Delusional" (Natural Rhythm Remix)

Life Music, USA


Gabriel Rene'

"Don't You Cry" (Natural Rhythm Remix)

OM Records, USA


Natural Rhythm vs. EDP - Rhythms And Dubs Vol. 2

"Deleted" (Natural Rhythm Shiver Remix)

Mosaic, UK


Pete Moss - All Terrain EP

"Sun Damage" (Natural Rhythm 3rd Degree Dub)

Earthtones Recordings, USA 


Eddie Matos

"Afreeka" (Natural Rhythm Live Show Version and Dub)

Under The Counter, UK


Mister O

"I Gave It All Up" (Natural Rhythm Remix)

Lowdown Music, USA 


Music For Freaks vs. Swag plus Natural Rhythm

- Not Another Bootleg Volume 3

"Love Hate" (Natural Rhythm Remix)

Wash House, UK


Olivier Desmet & Chuck Diesel - Get Up EP

"Come 2 Me" (Natural Rhythm Remix)

Amenti Music, USA


Guided Methods - The Nice Dreams EP

"Digitizzle" (Natural Rhythm's Paging Dr. Johnson Dub)

After School Recordings, USA


Craig Bratley

"Free Music" (Natural Rhythm Bass Drop Dub)

Lowdown Music, USA


Joey Youngman - Goosebumps EP

"Vibes Alive" (Natural Rhythm Jam the Dub, and Re Rubba the Dubba Mixes)

Tango Recordings, USA


Cuban Pete

"Los Angeles" (Natural Rhythm's LA Remix)

Mimosa Recordings, USA


Market House vs. Natural Rhythm

"Treat You Sweet" (Thomas White's Love Nation Remix)

Detour Recordings, USA


Special Forces

"Family Business" (Natural Rhythm Remix, and NR Stripped Mix)

Blockhead Recordings, USA


Jake Childs from the Orange Gravy Sampler

"Orange Gravy" (Thomas White's Natural Rhythm Remix)

Tango Recordings, USA


Audio Soul Project

"Nevicata" (Natural Rhythm Remix)

Jamayka Recordings, USA


East Coast Boogiemen featuring Heather, Part 1

"Picture of You" (Natural Rhythm Remix)

Black Cherry Records, USA


Dirty Soul

"Cold Time Jazz" (Natural Rhythm Dub)

Carioca Records


Da Sunlounge - The Jailhouse Kicks EP

"Oh Momma" (Thomas White Remix)

Good Family Recordings, USA


BlackSoul - "Weird As It Is" (Natural Rhythm Remix)

Uniform Records, USA


Cuban Pete

"Blues Rockin" (Natural Rhythm Remix)

Mimosa Recordings, USA


Guided Methods

"Wait A Minute" (Natural Rhythm Remix) Now available on


DJ weS! - Make With The Names

"Thomas White's 'Take You Down' Mix"

DAE Recordings


Jake Childs

"Contained" (Natural Rhythm Uncontained Remix)

Bunchlox Records, USA


Slater Hogan & John Larner Feat. DJ Heather - Bump This Groove EP

Bump This Groove (Thomas White Remix)

Voluptuous Recordings, USA


The Sound Republic

"Pimp" (Natural Rhythm Remix)

Guesthouse Music, USA


Rob Brown & Leon Louder - The Throwdown EP

"The Throwdown" (Thomas White Remix)

Muzique Boutique, USA


The Loopity Goofs - Melting Remixes

"Melting" (Thomas White Remix)

Black Crack Records, Canada


Lucas Keizer - Nacho Brass EP

"Nacho Brass" (Thomas White's Natural Rhythm Mix)

Black Crack Records, Canada


Ritchie Heller

'Illanoize Jazz" (Thomas White Remix)

Digifunk Records, UK


Co-Productions with Friends



High Plain Drifters - a.k.a. Thomas White and Dizzy




The Funky Sway EP on Lowdown Music

   A.      100% Focused

   B.      You Gimme Fevah


Farmers Rocket EP on Aroma Records

   A.      Piggly Wiggly

   B.      In Tha City




Numatik Soul "Niteflite" on Offset Music

   B.      High Plain Drifters Mix


Paul Paredes & Scott Pace "I'm My Own Walkman" on Flygaric Tracks

   B1.    High Plain Drifters "Auto Rewind" Remix




KM5 Ibiza 2004 Compilation (2 x CD) on 541

"Piggly Wiggly" licensed from Aroma Records





Tavern on the Green - a.k.a. Thomas White, Pete Williams and Dean DeCosta




   Two Hundred and Forty Volts LP (CD / 2 x 12") on Swayzak Recordings

   "Dark Dutchess"





Topewa Project - a.k.a. Thomas White, Pete Williams and Wally Callerio




   The Forward Movement "Phaze 1" on Panhandle Records

   B2.    Topewa Project "Topewa"


   Miles Maeda "A Tourist's Guide to the Realization of Your Own Buddha Nature"

   DJ Mix (CD) on Panhandle Records






Trap Groove - a.k.a. Thomas White, Patrick Bailey and Royden Vigilance




Natural Rhythm presents Trap Groove "Dancefloor Jazz"

Appearing on the Dancefloor Jazz EP on Lowdown Music


Appearances and Compilations


Vinyl Samplers and Various Artists


Submerged In Sound - Voyage One

Natural Rhythm "In A Dreamlike State" on Safe In Sound Music


Doubledown Recordings - Spring Sampler Volume 2

Natural Rhythm "Rock Countdown" on Doubledown Recordings


Lowdown Music - Sampler Volume 1

Natural Rhythm "Ma Hoose" on Lowdown Music


Justin Long presents: .dotbleep Collection Part 2

Natural Rhythm "If You Like Swingin" on .dotbleep records


Keep In Touch Recordings - Various Artists

Natural Rhythm feat Sandra Lima "Change Your Life" on Keep In Touch Records



CD Compilations and DJ Mix CD's


Fuse 5th Anniversary (2 x CD) on 541

Natural Rhythm "Original Jive" licensed from Earthtones (Seasons) Recordings


Jesper Dahlbäck "Stockholm Mix Sessions" (CD) on Turbo Recordings

Natural Rhythm "Jive (Eclectic Dub)" licensed from Earthtones (Seasons) Recordings


Jamie Thinnes "Nature's Composition Volume 1" DJ Mix (CD) on Seasons Recordings

Natural Rhythm "Mantra" and "Original Jive" previously on Earthtones Recordings


DJ Heather "Tangerine" DJ Mix (CD) on Afterhours

Natural Rhythm "Fall" licensed from Dufflebag Records


Nite:Life 02 - Mixed by H-Foundation (CD) on NRK Sound Division

Natural Rhythm "Fall" licensed from Dufflebag Records


Jérôme Pacman's "House Café Volume 2" DJ Mix (CD) on Music Garden

Wally Callerio and Jason Blakemore "Delusional (Natural Rhythm Remix)" licensed from Life Music


DJ Q "Counteraction" DJ Mix (CD) on Under The Counter

Natural Rhythm "Something Big" used with permission from Under The Counter


DJ Rasoul "Sound Deluxe 1" DJ Mix (CD) on Large Records

Natural Rhythm "Chicago Nights" licensed from Vista Recordings


Ralph Lawson and Dan Ghenacia "Kwality Batofar" DJ Mix (2 x CD) on FAMILIES

Natural Rhythm "Loops Track" licensed from Lowdown Music


Dizzy "The 5 Knuckle Shuffle" DJ Mix (CD) on Doubledown Recordings

Natural Rhythm "Jammin" used with permission from Lowdown Music


Halo & Hipp-E "Fabric 07" DJ Mix (CD) on Fabric (London)

Natural Rhythm "Freakinought" licensed from Doubledown Recordings


James Curd/Gene Farris "Slippin' When He's Slippin" DJ Mix (CD) on Igloo Music

Natural Rhythm "Ma Hoose" used without permission from Lowdown Music


James Zabiela "Sound In Motion" Mix CD/Compilation (2 x CD / 3 x 12") on Hooj Choons


Natural Rhythm "Your World" licensed from Dufflebag Records


Dan X/Honey Dijon "A Bronx Tale" DJ Mix (CD) on Peaches Music

Natural Rhythm "BBQ Jazz" used with permission from Natural Rhythm


"Evolution of New Sounds" compilation by Jeff Craven (CD) on Large Music

Natural Rhythm "Nu Bionics" used with permission from Large Records


"Al Fresco" Bargroove Series Compilation (2 x CD) on Seamless

Natural Rhythm "We All Got Soul" licensed from Large Music


Inland Knights present "Family Duals" DJ Mix (2 x CD) on NRK Sound Division

Natural Rhythm "If You Like Swingin" licensed from .dotbleep Records


Ian Pooley "A Subterranean Soundtrack" DJ Mix (2 x CD) on NRK Sound Division

Natural Rhythm feat Sandra Lima "Get Up On That Floor" licensed from Odds and Ends


"Large Grooves 3" compilation by Jeff Craven (CD) on Large Music

Natural Rhythm feat Sandra Lima "Why Must I Feel This Way?"

used with permission from Large Music

* an iTunes Music Store Exclusive Compilation Download!


"House Of Om" compilation by Fred Everything (CD) on OM Records

Natural Rhythm "Own Thing" licensed from Lowdown Music


"Get Large" compilation by Mark Grant on Large Music

Natural Rhythm feat. Sandra Lima "Havin' Fun" licensed from Vista Recordings


"Sessions" by Mark Farina (2xCD) on Ministry Of Sound    

Pete Williams "You Don't Have To" licensed from Amenti Music


Inland Knights "San Francisco Sessions Volume 6" (2xCD) on OM Records

Natural Rhythm "Uh Oh" licensed from Amenti Music


ECB "5 Years of Odds and Ends" (CD) on Odds & Ends Music

Natural Rhythm "Get Up on the Floor" and "Jazz Zounds" licensed from Odds & Ends Music

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